The Addison Books have relatable characters who go through similar experiences, outlandish adventures, and some of the same situations as it's young readers. As each book highlights one letter, the stories take the reader to other places, introduce different cultures, provide new geographic locations, and introduce new vocabulary words. The Addison Books provide amusing stories that keep a child's attention, while slipping in education. It is my hope that the Addison Books entice young readers to be forever curious!  

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The Addison Books

It is my goal to capture, amuse, educate, and promote language skill development for young readers.


I believe the idea of creating children’s stories that highlights one single letter is a unique way to gain and maintain a child’s attention, while increasing their vocabulary, and promoting language skill development.

Reading to young children forms a bond between the reader and the child and gives them each an opportunity to share their opinions of the stories they just read. Some children enjoy reading and seek the chance to visit faraway places within the pages. Still others need a bit of coaxing, as some perceive reading as a chore. In my attempt to get all children to read, enjoy, and learn from my stories, I came up with some simple steps.


1) Grab the child’s attention

2) Keep their interest

3) Introduce in new vocabulary words

4) Find a way to provide short word definitions without added work for reader

5) Marrying entertainment and education  

Simply put…The Addison Books provide an amusing tale, while promoting new vocabulary words with a brief definition. Children are not forced to turn to the pages at the back of the book for key words, then return to the original page that they were reading, which can be a disruptive reading process.

The Addison Books provide a different way to learn unfamiliar new words, by providing brief word definitions at the bottom of each page. In this manner, with a simple glance at the bottom of the page, reading resumes.

Each Addison story highlights a single letter, introduces new vocabulary words, provides the definitions of those same unfamiliar words, which in turn teaches language skill development.

Young children are like a sponge, soaking up everything they see and do. The Addison Books make absorbing knowledge an easy task. They are attracted to this different way of storytelling, connect with the lighthearted tales, and learn in the process. I’d say the Addison Books deliver on all they are intended to do.  



Geared for third and fourth grade readers, early readers enjoy the Addison Books, as well as older children who enjoy an easy read.

Parents are reading the Addison Books to younger children and find the unique writing style interesting, appreciate the ease of vocabulary word information, and find the stories amusing.

Teachers are finding that the entertaining Addison Books are a great learning tool for students, and the unique style makes it easy for students to garner new vocabulary words.