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About Me.

My original plan was to work in the television or radio industry, so I got a job at the Twin Cities Public Television Station. After working in production and recording, I was tasked with writing, editing and producing a variety of shows, which served to increase my interest in writing and becoming an author. My plans were waylaid by a variety of occurrences, but eventually, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an author. 

I currently write children's fiction and provide amusing stories that marry education with entertainment. 


Minnesota Writer 


The Addison books are unique, with a user-friendly format, that allows young readers easy access to information. Marrying entertainment with education; each page of these amusing stories includes new vocabulary, word definitions, and language skills development, making these books handy learning tools. 


Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators


The Addison books are lighthearted stories that bring young readers to different locations and introduce other cultures and ethnicities. Each story has fun adventures that also provide valuable lessons. 

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrator's mission to foster public appreciation of children's books and to support the community of people who create and promote them. 


In January 2024, Laura James became a finalist in the 2023 Hindi’s Libraries

Females of Fiction Contest for her book, Addison Braves Brazil. 

2023 fof award logo copy.jpg

Addison's Abrupt Adventures and Addison Braves Brazil both received these awards. 


Searching for Addison's audience.

From book signings, festivals, book readings, and markets places, I'm introducing Addison books to young readers. When meeting people I explain the newly structured format, which introduces new vocabulary words in the content, and provides a brief definition of the unfamiliar words. Promoting language skills development also makes Addison books handy learning tools.  

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