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Addison's Abrupt Adventures

This book was a nice challenge for my son who is in 1st grade. He does read young chapter books, but they typically have images on every page. I liked that the letter A is written throughout. We read it once and then I re-read it slowly and you really pick up on how many “A” words there are. It makes it more fun for my son to, as he kept pointing out all of them. His favorite page was when Albert was hanging from the tree about to fall into the alligator cage. If your kid is moving closer toward books with more words and less images, I think this is a great book for that transition.

Kid's Picture Book Review 

Addison’s Abrupt Adventures is a work of fiction for young children by author Laura James. How many words can you think of that start with the letter ‘A’? Can you write an entire story using mostly words that start with the letter ‘A’? Well, there is a little girl named Addison, an average girl who’s agile and sometimes awkward. Her mother’s name is Agnes, and she makes lots of Addison’s favorite foods, mostly those made with apples, but particularly apple pancakes with lots of apple butter and apple juice to drink. But there are no almonds for Addison, as she’s allergic. Addison has lots of adventures, including one where she has to rescue her annoying brother, Albert. And, best of all, Addison is an artist and loves to visit art galleries. Had enough of the letter ‘A’? Well, there’s lots more.

Reviewed by:

Emily-Jane Hills Orford 

for Readers' Favorite

Absolutely loved it! Love the concept around highlighting the letter a. I think the verbiage is great for 2nd-3rd grade readers; some more difficult words which would hopefully trigger them to do additional research into what the word means.

Bryanna M. Parmentier, M.B.A(H.M), B.S., C.N.M.T

Ge Healthcare

PET Clinical Product Specialist


Second Edition Addison's Abrupt Adventures 

This book is so amazing, such a play with words as Addison gracefully winds through her life experiences. The book is not only vocabulary building it promotes language skill development. Hats off to Laura James, such creativity! 

Mary Jane Heck-Housh

Sped. Teacher/MEd Educational Psychology

Children are full of adventure and Addison Anderson is no different. Go on a wild, wacky, and fun-filled adventure with Addison, her brother Albert, and the rest of her family by reading Addison's Abrupt Adventures by Laura James, now in its second edition, with illustrations by Marilyn Jacobson. This book is ideal for school-age children because there are so many nuggets for them to explore. Children will enjoy seeing the different pathways that Addison follows while learning about words that begin with the letter A. With this book, children will have the opportunity to improve their cognitive abilities because Laura provides a means for vocabulary development and grasping meaning. This book also covers many things that are essential for children to know about the world around them, from allergic reactions, roles in the military, pets, familial relationships, and cooking to math.

In reading Addison's Abrupt Adventures by Laura James, I enjoyed the way that the story was told with the emphasis on words beginning with the letter A. This made the book more interesting and engaging and I found myself searching for words that began with A. Children will discover many facets of life through Addison's and Albert's relationships with their parents, Aunt Alice, and their love for each other. Here is a great tool for your child to use as a daily resource for learning. Laura has made it easy for your child to learn the meaning of words like ambition, attentive, appeal, adoption, and so much more. Get a copy of this book to begin or continue your child's reading and education
journey. Enjoy!

Reviewed by: Vernita Naylor

for Readers’ Favorite

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Addison Braves Brazil

Addison Braves Brazil, written by Laura James and illustrated by Jasmine Smith, is a mid-grade interactive storybook that takes readers into South America through the eyes of a young girl. Addison is introduced as an upbeat girl from Arkansas with a mother who is a pilot and a father who is a writer, just as they embark on a trip to Brazil. It seemed bizarre, but a book about Brazil’s jungles had gotten mixed in with her books about beaches. This makes Addison uncomfortable. Once in Brasilia and settled with a host family, Addison experiences local food and culture, a hiccup with another child, and a place she was hoping never to see: a Brazilian jungle.

Laura James crafts a clever little story in Addison Braves Brazil, taking the opportunity to educate on two different fronts. The first is the misconceptions foreign visitors can have that are most often wrong. By allowing Addison's fears to chip away organically at stereotypes through positive experience, we are able to see a girl who is vivacious in North America find her vivacious self in South America too. The second is the incorporation of words that stick as close to the letter 'B' as possible within the story's framework. The intent here is to enhance vocabulary and word definitions, which it does. Jasmine Smith breathes life into Addison, her family, her hosts, and the beauty and diversity of Brazil in a vivid color palette and gorgeous illustrations. This book was all kinds of fun to read with my youngest and I have no doubt others will have the same experience.

Reviewed by Jamie Michele 

for Readers' Favorite

Adventure to Brazil, let’s go! Introduce your child to Brazilian culture, all while increasing their vocabulary and language skills. Definition of focus letter words (B) at the bottom of each page assist your child to apply and transfer vocabulary knowledge and language skills. Only Laura James can bring excitement like this to learning...

Mary Jane Heck-Housh

Sped. Teacher/MEd Educational Psychology


Do you know a child who enjoys learning new words? Do they have a curiosity about other places and cultures of the world? Do they sometimes have fears of the unknown? If so, they will enjoy reading about Addison’s experiences in Addison Braves Brazil!

Pat Edmonds

K-3 Teacher


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