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Addison Braves Brazil

Addison Anderson is a bighearted, bright-eyed, blissful, ten-year-old girl, who chews banana bubble gum, loves riding her bicycle, and beads her own bags and belts.

When the Anderson family boards the plane to Brazil, a borrowed book begins to cause Addison distress. After landing, she bans the bad thoughts from her mind, but when they begin their trek into the jungle, Addison refuses to budge. How will Addison face her fears?


While capturing your child’s attention, this story introduces new vocabulary words that begin with B, and a definition is also provided for those unfamiliar B words.  

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Addison's Abrupt Adventures 

Addison Anderson is the same average, awkward, girl who always assists her annoying little brother, Albert. While her ability at winning air hockey is apparent, her art has yet to achieve any awards.  

The second edition enhances Addison's adventures, while including word definitions for the unfamiliar words, and adding several new illustrations. 


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Addison's Abrupt Adventures

Addison is an average, agile, occasionally awkward girl, who discovers she has an allergy, admires her aunt, and assists her annoying little brother, Albert.

This entertaining tale was written with a recurring theme that highlights the letter A, captures children's attention, and promotes increased vocabulary. 

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Addison Braves Brazil

Addison’s family is planning a trip to Brazil, and Addison is preparing herself for quite the adventure. What begins as some light reading to become familiar with the beaches she is looking forward to visiting becomes something a little less inspiring. Before she knows it, Addison is reading about some of Brazil’s less appealing features, and she begins to dread their trip as she pictures herself amidst a plethora of jungle-dwelling bats, bugs, and snakes! Will her trip be everything she fears? Or will she find a different side of Brazil–one that will amaze her and leave her with fun memories?

Addison Braves Brazil, written by Laura James and illustrated by Jasmine Smith, follows young Addison as she travels with her family, meets new people, and finds herself having a very different experience than the one she anticipated. James’s book offers young readers a look at Brazil while also addressing issues with which readers will relate to including bullying, some common medical problems, and children’s misconceptions.

Addison Braves Brazil is the second in a series by the author. This book has a unique structure and offers readers a thorough look at a long list of words that begin with the letter “b.” While it is written for readers who are typically older than those who are studying initial consonants, it is a great addition to school libraries and classroom libraries for grades K-5. There are many ways James’s book can be incorporated into a curriculum. The author has essentially handed parents and teachers a wonderful tool filled with vocabulary words and their definitions used in context–a teacher’s dream come true.

Addison Braves Brazil is a children’s adventure story that is a great addition to a child’s library. Within one book, young readers will be introduced to nearly 40 pages that are filled with challenging vocabulary words. James’s work is an asset to any parent, homeschool, curriculum, or classroom. It is short enough to read in a couple of sittings and lays the framework for some great discussions for both teachers and students. As a teacher, I look forward to more installments in this series.

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