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What makes Addison books different from other books?
Addison books marry entertainment with education, introducing new vocabulary words and brief definitions in a unique manner. With definitions located on each page, a hunt for unfamiliar definitions at the back of the book becomes eliminated. This new format empowers young readers and allows them to continue reading without timely disruption. While reading these amusing tales, Addison books transport young readers to new locations, introduce other cultures, and share relatable situations.

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Addison's Canadian Caper

Addison Anderson is a clever, cheerful girl, who is currently studying the castles of other countries. Having won a creative writing contest and a free trip to Canada, Addison is curious to meet her Canadian challenger. To her surprise, her very own cousin, Corby Clemens, comes through the door!
While the Andersons visit the Clemens’ clan, Corby’s cat, Clover, disappears! Addison and Corby find clues that point to a Cat Burglar, and Corby’s concern for Clover convinces him to call in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Corby is confident that with them on the job, the Cat Burglar will soon be caught, or will he?

Addison's Canadian Caper highlights the letter "c," while providing new vocabulary words and brief definitions. These amusing stories were written for K-5 students, but younger children are enjoying the story and characters.

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Addison Braves Brazil

Addison Anderson is a bighearted, bright-eyed, blissful, ten-year-old girl, who chews banana bubble gum, and loves riding her bicycle.

When the Anderson family boards the plane to Brazil, a borrowed book begins to bother Addison. After landing, she bans bad thoughts from her mind, until they begin their jungle trek, and fear forces her to refuse to budge. How does Addison face her fears?


While capturing your child’s attention, this story introduces new vocabulary words that begin with B, and a definition is also provided for those unfamiliar B words.  

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Addison's Abrupt Adventures 

Addison Anderson is the same average, awkward, girl who always assists her annoying little brother, Albert. While her ability at winning air hockey is apparent, her art has yet to achieve any awards.  

The second edition enhances Addison's adventures, while including word definitions for the unfamiliar words, and adding several new illustrations. 


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Addison's Abrupt Adventures

Addison Anderson is an average, agile, occasionally awkward girl, who discovers she has an allergy, admires her aunt, and assists her annoying little brother, Albert.

This entertaining tale was written with a recurring theme that highlights the letter A, captures children's attention, and promotes increased vocabulary. 

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