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Addison's Canadian Caper



Reviewed by:

Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers' Favorite 

Review Rating:

5 Stars - 


Addison's Canadian Caper is a children's picture book written by Laura James and illustrated by Mariya Stoyanova. It tells the story of Addison, a bright young girl who loves art, writing, and going on adventures with her family. After winning the American Creative Writing Contest, Addison receives a free trip to Canada, where she is excited to meet her challenger. However, when she discovers that her challenger is her cousin, Corby Clemens, the competition turns into a family reunion. While on the trip, Corby tries to play a prank on Addison by hiding her contest paper in the cat carrier. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when the cat and the papers disappear overnight. Now, Addison and Corby must work together to solve the mystery of the missing cat and papers and embark on a fun adventure in Canada.

Addison's Canadian Caper is part of a series by Laura James that aims to educate young readers on words that begin with a specific letter. The main focus of this story is to introduce readers to words that start with the letter C while taking them on a fun adventure in Canada. I find this concept to be incredibly creative and unique, which makes the book memorable. I am also curious about future installments and how the author will write stories centered on the letters Q and X. The narrative has humorous moments that make it engaging and enjoyable to read. My favorite part is the illustrations that perfectly complement the story and depict the characters with rosy cheeks and infectious smiles. Overall, I highly recommend this book to young readers who enjoy learning new words and going on fun adventures with their families.


Reviewed by:

Mary Jane Heck-Housh

Sped. Teacher/MEd Educational Psychology

Travel with Addison and her family to experience the cultural nuances, arts and foods of Canada. Laura James uses letter C words to magically introduce you and your child to Canada. WOW building vocabulary, while learning about another country!! Let the Caper begin!!​

Reviewed by:
Bryanna M. Parmentier, M.B.A(H.M), B.S., C.N.M.T
Ge Healthcare
PET Clinical Product Specialist
“Laura James does it again with Addison’s next adventure to Canada, in Addison’s Canadian Caper. The cunning story describes Addison’s ventures with her crazy brother, Albert, and large Canadian family, while rhythmically incorporating varying “C” words for young readers to identify and subsequently define along the way.” 

Reviewed by:
Literary Titan
An organization of professional editors, writers, and professors passionate about the written word.

Addison’s Canadian Caper is a fun children’s book that’s brimming with wit and whimsy. Its amalgamation of entertainment and educational value makes it a delightful addition to any young reader’s collection. With its satisfying blend of innocence and adventure, this captivating “whodunit” caters to anyone who relishes mysteries steeped in timeless allure and joyous discovery.

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