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Addison's Canadian Caper


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                      Mary Jane Heck-Housh                      Sped. Teacher/MEd Educational Psychology

Travel with Addison and her family to experience the cultural nuances, arts and foods of Canada. Laura James uses letter C words to magically introduce you and your child to Canada. WOW building vocabulary, while learning about another country!! Let the Caper begin!!

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Bryanna M. Parmentier, M.B.A(H.M), B.S., C.N.M.T

Ge Healthcare

PET Clinical Product Specialist

“Laura James does it again with Addison’s next adventure to Canada, in Addison’s Canadian Caper. The cunning story describes Addison’s ventures with her crazy brother, Albert, and large Canadian family, while rhythmically incorporating varying “C” words for young readers to identify and subsequently define along the way. “ 

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