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Addison's Delaware Discovery

Addison met Daisy Dixon when her family drove to Delaware. Daisy is a dainty girl with dangling curls, who wears dandelion-colored shoes, and loves dreamsicles. Addison and Albert learned about Daisy's disability, and because they were unfamiliar with disabilities, they were unsure of how to act. Daisy's mom declared that they should just treat her like any other kid, and a deep friendship soon grew between them. Because she was schooled at home, Daisy had few friends, and Addison decided to dedicate their vacation to showing Daisy a delightful time, but her plan was delayed by the neighbor boy, Danny. They all got along well and were soon dragged into a strange mystery, and after a little detective work, the kids discovered that there had been a swamp monster in Delaware! So, Addison devised a plan to help Daisy make friends, which included a dramatic visit from a new swamp monster!

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